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DIGITAL - Frigid Journeys Map Pack

The frozen north holds many riddles. Strange empty tundras, thick evergreen forests, snowy mountains and icy waters. Wolves and mammoths roam the land, and the primitive tribes that call these lands home are tough, resilient, pragmatic and mysterious.


Explore these places with this pack containing 5 fully finished "Frigid Journeys" maps. Customize each with your own title and labels with a full alphabet, Viking runes, and a handful of useful objects like "X-marks the spot" and "DANGER!" skull and crossbones. For even more customization, use the "Frozen North Asset Pack" which contains hundreds of relevant objects!
The maps' full size is 18x24, and come in both full and quarters version. Use the quarters for uploading smaller files to Roll20 and similar platforms.

Each and every asset is first created by hand in leather, and then photographed and digitally processed into a drag-and-drop object for you to make your own custom fantasy map with!

These are world/region maps, NOT battle maps.
Use any common image editing software to create your own drag-and-drop fantasy maps!

Need a custom map? I'm happy to help. Check out the asset packs I have to create your own drag-and-drop maps, or contact me to commission a fully customized one in leather or digital format.

DIGITAL - Frigid Journeys Map Pack

  • Archive: Zip.
    Backgrounds: Jpegs.
    Assets: Transparent background PNG's.

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