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Commission Inquiries


Got an idea for a custom project? Want to see your biggest fandom made real?


This is the place to do it!


However, before you contact me, I want to make sure to facilitate optimum communication and a smooth process as we move forward.


Please take the time to read the About page (especially the information about my process), and then read the following.

Commission Varieties

I offer both physical, hand made custom maps, as well as custom digital maps. The two processes are quite different, both in nature, and price.


As the name implies, these are made entirely by hand on traditionally tanned buckskin using pyrography to sculpt a three-dimensional relief image with actual depth and texture. Any painting is rendered with natural, non-toxic pigments using primitive bone tools.


These pieces can take dozens or even hundreds (yes, hundreds) of hours of work. With handmade buckskin commissions you get a physical leather map you can hold in your hand. By its very nature, your commission is one-of-a-kind. No other will be exactly like it, even if I one day create another item with the same design. Each is entirely unique.


My digital maps are created from digitally processed images of handmade works of art made in the same way as fully handmade maps.


Each digital asset begins as a hand-crafted leather item, sculpted with pyrography and then painted. Each is then photographed, digitally processed in Photoshop, and made into a stand-alone map asset.


I then use these assets to build custom digital maps, or for compiling the drag-and-drop “map packs” you can purchase. While each map is different and unique in its own way, the individual digital assets are not.


Digital commissions come with the option of a physical paper print as well, for an additional cost.

  • Can you make [insert thing X here]?
    Yes! If you’ve seen my work, and like my style, then I can probably make what you want, though your vision may have to be adjusted to fit within the scope of my medium.
  • How much will it cost?
    It depends...on a lot of factors. Continue reading this page, and fill the form below to learn more... but as a point of reference: Most handmade commissions start at $600 for the smallest, simplest piece. Larger, more detailed and colored projects will be in the thousands. Digital commissions start at $200 for simple projects, and go up from there.
  • Really? That much?
    Yes. Really. Cave Geek Art is just me. I am an artist, craftsman, designer, shipping department, and customer service agent, all rolled into one. You’re not just paying for the physical labor and materials that go into a project. You’re paying for my nearly two decades of experience, my special set of skills, and the tools and supplies I’ve invested in. If you still want to commission a custom piece... keep reading!

Some Things to Know


When I provide you with an estimate for X, keep in mind it’s exactly that: an estimate. My final prices are based primarily on time and materials. The only exception is when I sell things through the Store.

Time: How long will it take to make X? Everything takes time: research, finding reference images, purchasing materials, planning, designing, burning, sculpting, painting, etc. All the work that goes into a project takes... TIME.

Materials: This covers ALL the physical goods that go both into making X, and into X itself. Buckskin, pigments, pyrography tools, glue, display cases, lights... disposables like sandpaper, mixing sticks, gloves, knife blades... literally everything.


All scheduling slots are first come, first served.


I typically plan my schedule out WAY in advance for this stuff, and I take commissions all the time. However, periodically my schedule does fill up, in which case I may simply not be able to meet your deadline.

Some Things to Keep In Mind

Be Specific

The more clear, detailed, and fleshed out your idea is, and the better you communicate that idea to me, the easier my life is.


Pictures are your friend here! I’m a nerd, yes, but please don’t assume I’m intimately familiar with every fandom!

Communicate Well

This follows from being specific, but deserves special attention.


Be concise.


Tell me what you want, and EXACTLY what you want, as clearly and to the point as possible.

Don't Sweat the Details

It may seem counter to the above, but you do NOT need to think about specific materials, construction methods, etc.


Tell me what you WANT, and I’ll figure out how to make it happen. That’s literally my job.


If I feel like I can’t, or that changes need to be made, I’ll let you know.

Some Definitions


Your budget = how much cash you have to spend on X.


This is NOT how much you think it might cost, or should cost!


It has nothing to do with me. Your budget is entirely dependent on you and what you want to spend.


Even if you think, “Money is no object,” trust me, everybody has a limit they won’t go over. ALWAYS.


That number is your budget.


When considering your budget, remember it includes not only the piece itself, but any hangers, displays, or display cases you may want to include with your order.


This is the date on the calendar by which you must have X in your hands.


I ask this so I can figure out if I even have time to make your commission. I also ask it so I can work it into my schedule, and plan for it.


Please don’t ask, “How long will X take?”


It’s not a matter of “turnaround time” on a given project. It’s a matter of scheduling a bunch of different projects, all with different deadlines.


There’s a saying: “You can get something done fast, cheap, or well. Pick two.”


Sometimes you want something, and you want it NOW. And sometimes, I can accommodate that! But it’s going to cost you more (for changing my schedule; for bumping other client’s projects; for long hours and late nights).

All right! You made it! Thanks for reading through all of the above.

And now... the reason you're here!

Submit Your Request

NOTE: Keep in mind that, due to the nature of my business, I can’t always respond immediately.


I’ll try to handle to your request as quickly as possible, but please allow up to two weeks to hear back from me.

Budget (Handmade)
Budget (Digital)
Is this project for publication or resale?
Will this include a display of some kind?
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